Creating a Sustainable Church Arts Ministry

By Lisa DeBoer

Lisa De Boer teaches art and art history at Westmont College in Santa Barbara, California. For the 2011-2012 school year, Calvin Institute of Christian Worship hosted De Boer as a visiting scholar.

She notes that most churches get started in visual arts ministry by opening a church art gallery. Some view it as an outreach to the community and career artists. Other churches seek to fill the gap in art education in public schools. Still other congregations create an art gallery to affirm the arts as a legitimate cultural activity.

Here she talks about the more complex step of moving from displaying art in a church gallery to including visual arts in worship.

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Keeping Missions Alive through Art

Keeping Missions Alive through Art

It is easy for churches to focus on the work that is being done during missional moments and not take time to reflect on that work. Perhaps a slideshow is presented about the work that was done, but humans require time to wrestle with complex thoughts and need multiple passes at ideas before they are fully grasped.


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