Articles: Issue 2

I’m a Visual Artist: Here’s How I Wish My Gifts Could Be Used in Church

The first verb in the canonical Bible is create. In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. Many of us are familiar with Genesis 1:1 as the opening line to the Bible. Rather than revisiting the creation story, let’s delve into the concept of being made in...

Not Just in the Children’s Sunday School Hall

By Donna K. Fitch As soon as I said it, I realized the fallacy of the statement. A friend and I were discussing worship and the arts and I said, in a disparaging tone, “Putting up artwork in the church or having a gallery, that’s so basic. I want more robust...

What is Making Glory?

We believe that God, the ultimate Maker, has given everyone gifts to create beauty. Making Glory celebrates visual arts in worship.

Church Year Visual Art: A Q&A with Deborah Sokolove

By Deborah Sokolove and Joan Huyser-Honig Artist, writer and teacher Deborah Sokolove shares images of liturgical visual arts that don’t need words to help worshipers experience the Christian church’s calendar cycle. Where did you get these images of...

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