<h1>Peyton T. Robbins</h1>

Peyton T. Robbins


Peyton T. Robbins is currently a junior at Samford University studying as a Studio Art major and a University Fellow. He intends to pursue a PhD in Art History after graduation. After moving from Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas to attend college at, he revived his fire and passion for the Lord and for the arts. As a student resident for the Samford Center for Worship and the Arts, Peyton regularly engages this meaningful intersection of worship and art to bring glory to God. He attends Mountain Brook Community Church in South Birmingham. See Peyton's growing collection of artwork here: https://www.peytontrobbins.com/.

I’m a Visual Artist: Here’s How I Wish My Gifts Could Be Used in Church

The first verb in the canonical Bible is create. In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. Many of us are familiar with Genesis 1:1 as the opening line to the Bible. Rather than revisiting the creation story, let’s delve into the concept of being made in...

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