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Donna K. Fitch


Interview with Maya Jeffcoat

Maya Jeffcoat shares her artwork on the theme of sacrifice.

Principles for New Elements in Worship

Principles to integrate new elements into worship.

Writing a “Tapestry” Article

A tapestry article is so called because it weaves together elements from an existing Making Glory article, usually in the “imagining” category, to reveal and discuss important concepts for worship. It is not a review of the base thread article, but enhances its...

Not Just in the Children’s Sunday School Hall

By Donna K. Fitch As soon as I said it, I realized the fallacy of the statement. A friend and I were discussing worship and the arts and I said, in a disparaging tone, “Putting up artwork in the church or having a gallery, that’s so basic. I want more robust...

What is Making Glory?

We believe that God, the ultimate Maker, has given everyone gifts to create beauty. Making Glory celebrates visual arts in worship.

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