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Keeping Missions Alive through Art

It is easy for churches to focus on the work that is being done during missional moments and not take time to reflect on that work. Perhaps a slideshow is presented about the work that was done, but humans require time to wrestle with complex thoughts and need multiple passes at ideas before they are fully grasped.

Interview with Maya Jeffcoat

Maya Jeffcoat shares her artwork on the theme of sacrifice.

What is Worship?

Our goal is to hear the signal better.  The signal is God. The will of God, the love of God, the presence of God. 

Helping Worshipers See God

Last fall, I got the chance to explore downtown Chicago with author Ian Cron (Chasing Francis, Jesus, My Father, the CIA & Me). Ian writes stories that share first encounters with the Catholic Mass. Little did I know, I was about to experience my first one, as...
Writing a “Tapestry” Article

Writing a “Tapestry” Article

A tapestry article is so called because it weaves together elements from an existing Making Glory article, usually in the “imagining” category, to reveal and discuss important concepts for worship. It is not a review of the base thread article, but enhances its...

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