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Making Glory was conceived from discussions of creativity and spirituality between photographer Julia Washburn and me. We later challenged ourselves through Michael Neill’s book Creating the Impossible. My impossible project was to create an online magazine and community centered around visual arts and worship.

But God proved, as God always does, that “impossible” is not in His vocabulary.

Not long after I started working on the project, the Center for Worship and the Arts on the campus where I work announced a grant for employees called “Engaging Worship.” I jumped on that opportunity and received a grant! And this is the result.

Founder & Managing Editor

Donna K. Fitch

Day jobs: librarian (12 years), then web designer (unnumbered years). Education: BA in Art; MLS in Library Service; Master’s Certificate in Web Design & Development; MSEd in Instructional Design & Technology.

Raised in the Church of Christ, I migrated in later life to a Baptist Church where I served for a few years as a worship leader. I was an interim music leader in the church I now attend. I’ve never attended or visited a church where visual arts are a part of worship, so I want to learn more about how it’s done and what the possibilities are! I believe there are many ways to glorify God!


Julia Cameron

Julia Cameron’s book The Artist’s Way: A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity opened my eyes to the amazing possibilities in combining creativity and worship. I keep a copy of her Basic Principles on my desk at work. My favorite: “Creativity is God’s gift to us. Using our creativity is our gift back to God.”


Makoto Fujimura 

My mind was expanded with the depth and breadth of Makoto Fujimura’s writing on art and spirituality in Art and Faith: A Theology of Making. I’ve highlighted so many sentences in this book, but this one stands out to me, in a chapter on the art of Kintsugi: “What kind of a church would we become if we simply allowed broken people to gather, and did not try to “fix” them but simply to love and behold them, contemplating the shapes that broken pieces can inspire?” (p.50)

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We believe art can be a powerful tool for worship and are always looking for new and creative ways to use it. If you wish to share your thoughts and/or examples, or allow us to reprint a previous article or blog post you’ve written¬† on the subject, see the guidelines below.

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Of course we want to see your art glorifying God! Send us a photo of your creation along with your name and the piece’s title. Or send two. Or three! See the guidelines below.

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Managing Editor & Founder: Donna K. Fitch